“We believe that the antibodies that we’re detecting do confer some level of protection, but we want to know how much and how long that protection lasts”
-ABC News

Dr. Aneesh Mehta, Emory Vaccine Center


The COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted our lives without a clear pathway forward to reopen society safely. For virus testing, we continually hear that there is a lack of accurate testing in the community with results reporting in one to two days that can actually make a difference in containing the spread of disease. Furthermore, we still hear that rapid antibody testing is inaccurate and that even an accurate positive test doesn’t mean one has immunity to COVID 19. Finally, we are hearing frightening stories about young patients who have recovered from silent COVID 19 infections but who are succumbing to ailments strange for their age, like stroke and heart attacks due to otherwise initially silent damage left behind after COVID 19 infection.

We believe that information is power – the power to make wiser decisions about one’s life to better stay safe and protected.

That’s why COVID Rapid Ab Test and COVID Rapid Test – Houston were founded – by doctors used to seeking active solutions for the problems facing their patients. We are offering hassle-free high-quality PCR nasal swab for virus and finger stick antibody testing (lgM and lgG) to patients in locations around the country. Because we are the product of established top clinical and research physicians, who know the value of accurate data to help us guide our patients, we have extensively researched and field tested the test kits available before selecting our test kit platforms. Furthermore, we are building one of the only databases of COVID rapid antibody test results that have been doubly and even triply confirmed on three different assay platforms that carry FDA and EUA authorization. We believe access to this data will uniquely benefit our patients, a significant added value at no extra cost, as they navigate the world changed by the COVID pandemic.

We are confident that we have combined the most accurate and fastest COVID testing service available anywhere.

After reviewing the information on our website, go to the Appointments page to review the services we have available in your location, request an appointment at a site convenient to you, read and sign the WAIVER using DocuSign, and pay, both via the APPOINTMENTS page in advance of your appointment, then wait for your appointment to be scheduled and come in for your test. For rapid antibody testing, leave with your results within 30 minutes. For virus/PCR nasal swab testing, results are typically available the next day. It’s as simple as that!